Boise River Park

Paddling & Surf Locations

The completion of Phase 1 of the Boise River Park was the culmination of over 12 years of work by a group of dedicated citizens and the Boise community who are building North America's premier urban paddling center.

Phase II funding by the Albertson's Foundation was announced on March 31, 2016. For more about Phase II and what has been planned click here.

The first phase includes the Harry Morrison (Thurman Mill) diversion dam. This phase included a groundbreaking agreement between an irrigation district and the city to replace a private irrigation dam with a state of the art multi-function dam. The dam includes 3 different WaveShapers™, each of which is configured differently and can be controlled individually. The WaveShapers™ are number 1 thru 3 with the small feature on the Boise side named number 3. The numbers coincide with the number of "bladders" contained in that section.

The photo to the right of the WaveShapers was taken at the dedication in June, 2012. For an exciting interactive 3D views of the in-river construction at its busiest click here.

Winter Schedule (updated 10/30/15)

Paul will be changing the river park feature schedule for the winter as of 11/01/15. The schedule will be as follows:

  • Sunday 1:00pm- Wednesday 6:00pm will be Surf feature days.
  • Thursday 8:00am- Sunday at 1:00pm will be Kayak feature days.

Paul will continue to experiment with a SUP/ longboard/ long boat feature on Sundays. If successful, it is possible that Sunday will get reserved by this feature.

Things to Remember - Parking, Safety, Waveshapers and Rentals

Off street parking is available off of Whitewater Park Blvd. next to Idaho River Sports. The lot is within a few feet of Quinn's Pond and is an easy paddle to the feature. During construction of Esther Simplot Park, parking is available at the old Bob Rice lot on Fairview.

Check with Idaho River Sports for current conditions and to hook up with a paddling partner.

SUP and kayak rentals, equipment repair and lessons are available at Idaho River Sports - call 208-336-4844 or email for more and resources.

Currently the WaveShapers are kept in the down (flat wave) position during non-business hours, unless training or testing is taking place.

The water temperatures in the river are cold and precautions and a drysuit or drytop is recommended.

To view the feature via live webcam - click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the project manager for the City of Boise Parks Department. Email at: or contact Idaho River Sports.

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