CrossBoard Land SUP

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Hydrus CrossBoard 

Paddle the streets all year round... A combination of paddle boarding and surfing on land. A land SUP.

Everything about this board is fun! Designed to cruise and carve without ever having to kick. 

We’ve taken the standard longboard and worked our magic, enhancing it in various ways! We changed the shape of the deck to accommodate huge cruising wheels and allow for a more forward-facing stance for paddling. Second, our decks, built using a blended lamination of high rebound hardwoods, allow for a snappy yet stiff flex. Third, the wheels are made from our own unique PU formulation that offers a number of advantages over normal skateboard wheels— higher speeds, more control, strengthened wear resistance, and extreme rebound out of turns. The wheels are mounted to our unique trucks that provide unequaled carving and stability. 

Also great for training core strength, paddle strength for SUP, balance, and cardio.   

  • Length/ 53"
  • Width/ 16.5"