The Idaho Paddler

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Sean Glaccum takes you on a tour of whitewater gems in his guidebook, The Idaho Paddler. It includes 72 different runs on rivers, creeks and falls. There's also a color photo from each of the runs.

- For each run, information on the character of the trip, season it's available, gauge (if any) location, trip length, recommended craft type and rapids class.

- Directions are given for both put-in and take out locations.

- This guidebook is useful for both rafters and kayakers.

- Multiday, day stretch and park-and-play spots are all included.

- A full color photo from each run is also included, helping give you a sense of what the stretch is like.

- The companion DVD, (sold separately), has exciting video footage of many of the runs covered in the book.

Author: Sean Glaccum
Published: 2009 Length: 186