Gear Aid ReviveX Pro Cleaner

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Refresh, renew and revive your outerwear with ReviveX Pro Cleaner by Gear Aid. It's designed to clean technical fabrics safely, without leaving behind residues or interfering with water repellency.
  • If your dry suit, dry top or other waterproof/breathable garment loses its durable waterproof repellency (DWR) treatment, it will stop breathing properly and you'll feel damp inside.
  • This condition, often called "wetting out," can be caused by dirt, oils or other contaminants overwhelming the DWR. Washing the garment with Pro Cleaner may bring back the DWR function.
  • If the DWR has been worn away, you haven't wasted a step; it's necessary to clean a garment before using a DWR replacement product, like ReviveX Spray-On Durable Waterproofing or Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In Waterproofing.
  • Common detergents and washing soap can damage the water-repellent qualities of technical fabrics. Pro Cleaner is specially formulated for the job.
  • Pro Cleaner is easy to use. Complete instructions for both hand and machine washing are right on the label.
  • Important Note: Do not machine dry garments with neoprene or latex gaskets or socks. Also, machine washing can damage drywear zippers.