Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers II Book

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Have you dreamed about going lightweight, without having to worry about the ice running out? Wake up! Camp Cooking Without Coolers II gives you all the recipes and tips to kick the cooler habit.
  • Lacey Anderson has guided rafters and backpackers all over the West and in Mexico. This wealth of experience has given her a unique perspective on tasty meal planning.
  • Features recipes for many lightweight, low-bulk, nonperishable dishes.
  • Multiple tasty choices for breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner and dessert, with vegetarian options.
  • Anderson also includes kitchen organization ideas and tips for low-impact, environmentally-responsible camping.
  • Perfect for the rafter, kayaker, sea kayaker and canoeist who wants good food that doesn't need refrigeration and won't weigh you down.
Author: Lacey Anderson
Copyright: 2011
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 101