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Idaho River Sports is kicking off their 30th anniversary celebration in May with fun events and a first look at the improvements to the shop, Quinn's Pond, new Greenbelt spur, and a peek at the new Esther Simplot Park. IRS has also added a new rental shop building, a patio and more. They will be looking back at their history over the next year and the people that have helped them along the way while keeping an eye on the future of paddlesports and surfing in Idaho.  Even before Idaho River Sports was founded in 1987 in Boise's North End, Jo Cassin and Stan Kolby were avid outdoors enthusiasts. Jo and...

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Teach a kid to paddle - change their perspective forever!Devon Barker just returned from taking 30 students to Zim’s Hot springs to learn to paddle. Devon teaches Jr. High School and her co-instructor, Brent LaFay, teaches fourth grade. The fourth, seventh, and eighth grade students participated in "Dare to Kayak". Devon created "Dare to Kayak" in 2002 as a way to deliver a positive message to schools. She wanted to encourage kids to begin paddling as a healthy activity to steer them away from drug and alcohol abuse. She shares an interactive video with the students on paddling and then...

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Conditions in the South Fork Boise river canyon section from Danskin Bridge to Neal Bridge have changed significantly the week of August 4th, 2014.Because of heavy rains, several new rapids have formed from multiple debris flows into the river. The new rapids present significant hazards and require advanced whitewater skills. The shuttle for this run is complicated since the road is still closed via Blacks Creek to the south (major washout). However, you may be able access Neal Bridge from the north via Prairie by the weekend. Call the Mountain Home Highway District: 587-3211 for updates on road conditions.Also, flows...

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