Quinn's & Esther Simplot Pond Updates

E. coli, Esther Simplot Park, Quinn's Pond -

Quinn's & Esther Simplot Pond Updates

June, 2017 test results indicated high levels of E. coli bacteria in Quinn's Pond and the ponds at Esther Simplot Park.

August 17, 2017 the City reopened Esther Simplot ponds for recreational use and swimming. Dogs will no longer be allowed in the parks. Dogs are, however, allowed to traverse the parks on the pathways.  

June 30, 2017 the City of Boise has reopened Quinn's pond with restrictions for dogs. Esther Simplot Park ponds to remain closed until further notice. 

Check out the June 30th Idaho Statesman article for more by clicking here.

E.Coli Background & Info

According to experts in the science of water borne bacteria, the only way E. coli can make you sick is through oral ingestion. According to plasmidology experts, the contamination likely originates from a multitude of possible sources, including: human waste, bird droppings, run-off, or even naturally occurring E. coli present in the soil.

Experts also say normal recreation will not likely cause illness as long as precautions (see below) are taken.

We will not be renting when E. coli conditions close the ponds.

For more information about E.coli & lakes click here:

Water Quality Monitoring

The weekly or daily water quality monitoring is done by the city and processed by the State of Idaho's Central District  Health Department (CDHD). When levels rise above the minimum standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), any public waterway is subject to being will be closed. We, like the City of Boise, keeps in contact with  the CDHD regarding any potential health issue that may effect our customers and the community. The good news is CDHD  has not received any reports of people getting sick after swimming at Esther Simplot Park or Quinn’s Pond as of June 26, 2017.

Note: The city requires 3 "clean" test days in a row before the ponds will be open for swimming again. IN addition, the city
is circulating additional water from the Boise River to help clear the ponds.

This is a good learning moment and reminder that as the weather heats up, Esther Simplot Park and Quinn’s Pond are
popular destinations for recreation. It's up to us and the community to keep these public areas clean and safe for all to
enjoy. During warm and high use days here are important safety and general use tips to remember if you do plan to use the

  • Don’t ingest the water
  • Wash your hands after use
  • Be sure to shower after swimming
  • Pick up after your dog when using Boise parks
  • Keep your pets out of the water
  • Don’t feed geese or ducks
We encourage everyone to clean up after their pets, if you see waste, pick it up and please report anything that could be a
health hazard to the City of Boise Parks and Recreation Department or you can let us know at the store!

Thanks again for everyone's support as we continue to make the area the best urban paddling and surfing venue in North