The Boise River Enhancement Network

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The Boise River Enhancement Network

Citizens concerned with the future of the lower Boise River came together in 2011 to protect the river from the pressures of a rapidly growing population. They created the Boise River Enhancement Network to:
  • Connect landowners, irrigators, recreational users and agencies
  • Teach people about river health
  • Catalyze on-the-ground action
  • Provide technical expertise
  • Create opportunities for concerned citizens to work together for the future of the lower Boise River.

A Creek is Reborn - Fundraising Focus

Funds raised during Idaho Gives will be used to daylight Cottonwood Creek in the City of Boise's Julia Davis Park. The creek now runs through a culvert underneath the park! A new creek channel will be constructed greatly improving fish and bird habitat and water quality. The reborn creek will be beautiful and provide for outstanding outdoor education. Our Idaho Gives goal is $5,000 to meet our obligation for the $375,000-project which has already been awarded funding by the US Bureau of Reclamation and City of Boise Open Space and Clean Water fund. The project is managed by the Ted Trueblood Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

The Boise River Enhancement Network brings people together for the river and for the future. Support BREN during Idaho Gives 2018 by clicking here!

BREN Partnerships and Projects

In the last seven years, the all-volunteer Boise River Enhancement Network has engaged thousands of people in positive action for the river. Please visit the Boise River Enhancement Network website, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. It's free to join, we welcome volunteers and we host free public events every month.

  • Ada County, Idaho Fish and Game, Boise River Enhancement Network, Trout Unlimited and ENEL Green Power working on the Eckert Aquatic Habitat Project.
  • Boise River Enhancement Network, the Riverside Hotel and Garden City celebrating the installation of a new river-friendly stormwater system.
  • The Boise River Enhancement Network, the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, Golden Eagle Audubon Society, City of Boise and other partners are improving habitat at a wetlands reserve.

And don't for to sign up the 2018 BREN Boise River Boogie on September 16, 2018 at Esther Simplot park and Quinn's Pond!



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