Werner SUP Line Expands!

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Werner SUP Line Expands!

Werner Paddles redesigned the ENTIRE stand up paddle line for 2016.

Werner STand Up Paddle board SUP paddles racing, recreation, surfWerner's ultimate goal is to design and build the best paddling paddle for each specific discipline of SUP. They didn't stop there. The approached the project with all we've learned from the time they built their first SUP paddle in 2006, and all Werner knows about building paddles since 1965, they dialed in blade to shaft offset, improved aesthetics, lowered weights, improved performance, reworked sizes and expanded the Advanced Fit options. While they were at it they came up with some great new colors, introduced the HD Graphics package and unveiled a cool new SUP logo.

Werner is committed to always following their mission statement of Ultimate Paddle Performance and we know you'll feel the differences on the water.

From Werner Paddles' website...


It was not long into our SUP history that we realized a need for design innovation. Feeling the catch was too abrupt, we moved away from the traditional tear drop shape. What we came up with is our slender, longer, rectangular blade shape. Making for a softer catch, you'll experience less wear on the body, and the ability to paddle at a higher cadence, without sacrificing surface area. If you can manage to get away with a larger blade, you are going to use more water. You'll see this proven design philosophy throughout the line.


Smaller blade sizes are trending as the approach to paddling is more focused on higher cadence. However if you can maintain a high cadence, reduce strain and fatigue and not give up significant surface area, you will move water and be more efficient. We are excited to resize our paddles to meet the needs of today's paddler, but are even more excited with the feel on the water these new sizes with our blade shape generate. We've gone smaller, but not too small, utilizing the benefit of our shape.


Changes in the angle of offset, from the blade to the shaft, enhances some strokes, while diminishes the efficiency of others. Focused on the needs of specific user groups within SUP, we looked at 3 distinct options.

Werner STand Up Paddle board SUP paddles ZEN graphics racing, recreation, surfSurfing and whitewater. The ability to brace (use the back face of the blade as a crutch or 3rd leg) is vital in these environments. Paddling through breaking waves, or a rapid, and to stabilize and change direction when on a wave utilize a brace. Reducing the offset to 7 degrees helps to flatten the blade out and reduces the chance of it diving, giving the paddler more confidence. Now a flatter blade will lift water more during the power phase of the stroke, as opposed to pushing it back and creating forward propulsion. However the shorter, faster strokes needed in surf and whitewater generally never make their way all the way back to the paddler's feet, offsetting that negative. With that we find 7 degree to be perfect for this user group.

Race. Forward propulsion, going fast. The goal of a racer and thus the need from their paddle. Keeping the blade more vertical through the power phase of the stroke, all the way back to the exit at the heals to be more precise, is made possible with the Grand Prix's unique 12 degree offset. Since bracing is not as relevant in race the increased offset is not a concern, especially when you weight out the benefits. (Certainly you will need the occasional stabilizing stroke and you can perform those, but let's face it if you're not paddling hard forward you are not keeping up.)

Versatile use. For the paddler who does a bit of everything, some touring, surfing, fitness, the compromise for forward paddling and bracing is 10 degree. New for us, all of our Versatile paddles have been designed in this fashion.


We have always prided ourselves on offering the deepest range of fit options, to best suit each paddler's specific needs. That has been most evident in our multiple blade sizes per model as well as shaft and grip size choices. Certainly our unique bent shaft option gets the most questions but the most demand, and an area for improvement with the new line, is in adjustability and portability. More and more families SUP together, living out a fun, fit, adventure on the water. Inflatable SUP boards are often a good fit as well, as they easy fit in the packed car or make it through as checked luggage. A paddle to fit right into that bag is vital. To fit the wide range of paddler heights amongst the family and their friends we have expanded our adjustable and travel options.

Family Adjustable. Using the proven Lever Lock adjustable system, we now offer a full 16" of height range, fitting paddlers from 4'10" to 6'2" with a simple and easy to use mechanism. We've added some very cool Werner additions to the system, including printing both height and length measurements right on the shaft. For those looking for ease of travel with their paddle we have the same great system, but in a break down, available with our Travel Adjustable. A solid feeling center joint allows the paddle to come apart and fit into your luggage or I-SUP bag. Find Family and Travel Adjustable on our new Vibe and Thrive.

Performance Adjustable. Our popular 7.5" adjustable system remains on our higher end paddles as an excellent choice for those that need to fine tune length. Clean, simple and light weight it does not take away from performance or elegance. Make sharing between those of close height differences, or adjusting between surf and touring length easy. Also available in Performance Travel, when the trip of a lifetime deserves nothing less than what you expect from your Werner Paddle.

Check out our new line on the SUP category pages to see them all in more detail. Learn more about how we enhanced aesthetics, lowered weights and improved performance for every model, and you have to check out our new proprietary process "HD Graphics" on the Zen 85 + Zen 95.

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